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Will the Real Rocky Flats Lounge Please Stand Up

Don't settle for imitation crab meat when you can get the real thing!
Just to let you know, the old building location is no longer a part of the Original and Only Wisconsin Rocky Flats Lounge family and friends.

The Original and Only Rocky Flats Lounge is on the move!
Due to unforseen issues and conflicts with the old location, and just due to the fact the bulding was in the midde of nowhere next to a nuclear wasteland, we are now in the process of finding a new location. 

Since the old spot was a really long drive for many of you, we are taking this opportunity to relocate our sliver of Wisconsin a little closer to the our extended friends and family.  We haven't found our next brick and mortar home base yet, but we hope to make it much easier to pop in any time.

It may take a bit to restart everything, so in the mean time we are teaming up with our friends around town to keep the Wisconsin spirit alive and well in Colorado.  Please stay in contact and feel free to send us you thoughts and ideas anytime.  Thanks for sticking with us, the perch will be back!


The Original and Only Rocky Flats Lounge Team